Youtube Music

Youtube Music was developed by Youtube Inc. A company-owned and operated by Google. It was launched in November 2015. It allows users to browse through youtube songs and videos by selecting various genres, playlists, and browse recommendations.

Is Youtube music free?

Yes. Youtube music is free to enjoy and even download. It operates in all major mobile devices Android, iOS, and Windows.

If you are looking to download Youtube music, make sure to read the license of the music. You can then install a music downloader or youtube to mp3 converter. From then you can provide your URL and you will then have the music downloaded. You can also choose whether you want an MP3 or MP4 file downloaded.

Is Youtube Music better than Spotify?

If you love podcasts, then Spotify is the best as it has over 11 million podcasts. Youtube on the other hand has Youtube Music and Youtube music video in plenty. With Spotify, you can only play music from playlists. You can skip songs you don’t like in a 6-hour span only. You cannot download songs for offline listening and there is always interruption from ads every other time.

Youtube music free plan on the other hand allows you to play any song that you want. You can skip music as many times as you like, however when your screen goes dark, the music stops. The other downside, just like Spotify is that the is always ads and you cannot download music to your phone.

Can you purchase music from Youtube Music?

Unlike Google play music that was shut down in 2020, Youtube music does not allow artists to sell their music on the platform. Google play music was axed because it failed to attract subscribers compared to rivals such as Spotify and Apple Music, despite being installed by default in millions of Android smartphones.

Is there a monthly fee for Youtube Music?

Just like any other music streaming service, Youtube music has an upgrade or premium feature that costs $9.99 per month. You can try it for free and cancel at any time. Youtube music offers live stream videos and concert events, and with premium, you can get to enjoy this content ad-free. Youtube music is also included in Youtube premium or if you have Google play music, then you can log in to your account and Youtube Music Premium is added automatically. With Youtube Music, you can continue playing music while your screen is locked, unlike the Youtube app.

Is Youtube music premium worth getting?

If you don’t listen to music, music videos, live performances from concerts, then Youtube premium is not worth your time. You can simply use the Youtube app, but be wary of the advertisements that come on from time to time. But if you want to enjoy ad-free music and other useful features that come along with listening to music, then the Youtube premium is definitely worth getting. Another good feature that might be interesting is that with Youtube premium, you can download videos for offline viewing. Youtube premium also allows watching of Free Youtube movies, that you would usually be purchasing before watching. Youtube music premium allows you to adjust audio streaming quality.

You can customize the playlist that you listen to on Youtube music. Each song you listen to becomes playlists of songs you can personalize. When you sign in, you get personalized music based on the ones that you have listened to before. You can sort the playlist you like alphabetically or reverse alphabetically.

Youtube Music also has a family plan that allows a premium member to share the plan with up to 5 members who live in the same residential address. To get started with the family plan, all you have to do as the main account holder is to add the family members to a group you create.

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